Can You Repair a Damaged Roller Garage Door?

Posted: July 3, 2023

Can You Repair a Damaged Roller Garage Door?

Roller garage doors are extremely popular with homeowners and businesses alike. Why? Because they’re a great space-saving option, allowing you to use the space right in front, and behind, the door itself. This is something you can’t do with certain other door styles.

While roller garage doors are some of the most robust, thanks to the numerous slats they’re built with, the general wear and tear that any garage door experiences over the years can take its toll. 

If you’ve got a damaged roller garage door and need repairs, it’s important to enlist the help of experts. This can save you a lot of money if the issue can be solved without having to replace the whole door.

At Garage Door People, we offer expert garage door repairs, and we wanted to explore some of the most common roller shutter door problems we find so that you can learn more about the potential issue you’re facing.

Misaligned roller tracks

Whether it’s because of one big accidental impact or multiple bumps and nudges sustained over time, the alignment of your roller tracks is important. Should they be skewed or bent it will cause your door to scrape – something you’ll hear – or worse, it could cause your door to become stuck completely the next time you use it.

In this instance, we recommend you enlist the help of a garage door technician for safe repairs to your tracks.

Damaged panels

Not only do damaged panels make your garage and look tired and unloved, but they also put the security of your property at risk. You can probably expect a certain amount of weathering to take a toll on the look of your garage door over its lifetime, but if rust or ruptures appear, it’s time to take action.

Replacing slats in your roller door could be a simple option depending on the age of your door and the model. If multiple slats require replacement, it might be more cost-effective to consider a new garage door. This is something we can discuss with you to find the best solution for your budget.

Automation failure

The luxury of an automated garage door allows you to enter and exit your garage without lifting a finger — a handy feature if you keep your car in the garage still. So when this fails to work, it’s understandably frustrating. There can be a number of causes, from motor failure to sensor alignment issues.

If your garage door is operated via a remote, try changing the batteries in this first. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call in your local garage door professionals; we can assess your door and find the right remedy. 

automatic garage door with faulty sensor

Broken roller door straps

Roller garage door straps are integral to certain styles of roller doors. They are often plastic straps that work on an elbow hinge to lock your roller curtain into place when it is fully extended. These straps can be broken – often cracking – if there is too much force placed on them. This occurs when the stop limit is set incorrectly, making the door overextend, or when there is an obstruction but the user forces the door to continue extending.

These straps, once they have cracked, will no longer secure your garage. Instead, you’ll most likely require replacement roller door straps if they are still available for your model. Contact your local garage door experts here at Garage Door People for more information.

Worn or damaged rollers

The importance of the rollers that facilitate the smooth up-and-down motion of your roller garage door should be obvious. Over decades of use, these rollers can become worn – or damaged if subjected to force – and so may need to be replaced in order to repair your garage door. 

We can help to replace worn or damaged rollers with more high-quality, reliable parts and get your door moving again in many instances.


Roller garage door repairs near you in Lincolnshire

No matter what issue you have with your roller garage door, the important thing to remember is not to panic or risk injuring yourself by wrestling to try and repair it yourself, as there will often be a solution that only a professional can safely carry out. At Garage Door People, we’re your local garage door repair experts for Lincolnshire. We’ll assess the damage to your roller door and make an honest recommendation on the right course of action to restore your property using our years of experience.

Call us today for same-day repairs and free call-outs — we’re always happy to help, wherever you are in Spalding, Horncastle, Boston, Skegness, Lincoln and Grimsby.

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