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DIY vs Professional Garage Door Repairs

Posted: February 14, 2023

DIY vs Professional Garage Door Repairs

Most homeowners have likely experienced the frustration that comes with a broken garage door. Being unable to access your garage can be inconvenient and, for those handy with a tool belt, a DIY garage door repair may seem like the easiest option. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing this over a professional garage door repair.

Common garage door issues 

Garage door problems can typically be divided into two categories: functional issues and structural issues. Functional issues – such as an inoperable remote or track obstructions – are typically simpler to fix and therefore can sometimes be rectified with a DIY repair. By contrast, structural issues – such as misaligned tracks or broken springs – will usually require specialist equipment and the expertise of a professional to fix. Some common garage door issues include:

  • My garage door is sticking or stuck  
  • My garage door closes too quickly
  • My automated garage door won’t close
  • My garage door won’t stay open

When you first notice an issue with your garage door, the cause may not be immediately apparent. Upon consulting a professional garage door repair company, they can effectively diagnose the source of the problem and determine whether repair or replacement is a more cost-effective option.

Can I fix my garage door myself? 

The question of whether to attempt a DIY garage door repair depends on several factors: the severity of the issue, the skill of the homeowner and the tools available, to name a few. 

Some issues may be easily fixable, however, more severe repairs may require a more experienced touch. Any amateur, unsuccessful repair attempts may exacerbate the problem and result in further damage. Consequently, your garage door may require additional repairs in the future, costing more money in the long term.

Is it safe to repair my garage door myself?

Although it may not look like it, repairing your garage door can be dangerous. If you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics of your door, it can be easy to hurt yourself. Some common garage door hazards include:

  • Garage doors are very heavy and can cause crushing or impact injuries if improperly handled. 
  • The cables and springs of your garage door are consistently under extreme tension; one wrong move and these could snap and potentially cause catastrophic injury.
  • Further complications can occur if your garage door is automated, as there is an additional risk associated with electrical wiring. If mistakes are made, this could result in electrocution. 

If you’re going to attempt a DIY garage door repair, it’s vital to be fully aware of all the risks and to take appropriate preventative measures.

Benefits of professional repair

Although DIY garage door repairs can seem like an attractive option, there are many benefits to professional repairs that could make you rethink your decision:

  • Unless you’re an avid DIYer, it is unlikely that your home will be equipped with all of the tools necessary to properly repair your garage door. You may be tempted to improvise and use the incorrect equipment, however, this may damage your door even further.
  • Garage door repairs can be time consuming, especially if you don’t have the requisite knowledge to quickly diagnose the problem. When you consult a professional repair company, they will be able to find the source of the problem quickly and reduce the time you’re without a working garage door.
  • Your garage door contains a multitude of moving parts that can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. Enlisting the help of a professional garage door repair service minimises the risk of injury and ensures all work is carried out safely.
  • A professional garage door company will have all the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure a flawless repair, so you can be certain of high-quality workmanship that will last.
  • Here at Garage Door People, we offer a minimum, one-year guarantee on all repair work. This means that, in the unlikely event something goes wrong, we’ve got your back and will be at your home to rectify the issue quickly. DIY garage door repairs do not offer this same peace of mind.


Why attempt a DIY garage door repair when you can have any issues fixed by an experienced professional? Here at Garage Door People, we’re the leading garage door repair company for homes across Spalding, Horncastle, Boston and beyond. We have all the necessary skills and knowledge to handle repair work on all styles of garage doors – no job is too complex for our team! Plus, we offer same-day repairs wherever possible. Simply get in touch with us today if you need your garage door fixing.


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