Your Guide To Garage Door Sizes (And How To Pick Yours)

Posted: February 21, 2024

Your Guide To Garage Door Sizes (And How To Pick Yours)

Garage door sizes can be tricky to understand if you’ve never had to deal with them before. 

Whether you want to upgrade your old one or are planning to build a new garage at the side of your property, accurate sizing is important for garage doors. Helping to create a flawless finish and the required functionality, the measurements of your garage can also inform the price.

With this in mind, let’s explore the topic in our garage door size guide.

What sizes do garage doors come in?

Most people will be able to identify whether they have a single garage or double garage, as that’s quite easy to gauge just by looking. It’s these two common sizes we use as a starting point, but even within these standards, there are some variations – the reasons for which we’ll cover a little later.

For now, let’s take a look at those two main garage door types and their measurements.

you guide to garage door sizes

Single garage door sizes

Single garage doors come in a few standard or common dimensions, including:

  • 6ft tall, 6’6″ wide (1.82m x 1.98m)
  • 7ft tall, 6’6″ wide (2.13m x 1.98m)
  • 7ft tall, 7ft wide (2.13m x 2.13m)

This makes a single garage mainly useful for storage, while a small car might be able to fit depending on how the room inside is used.

Double garage door sizes

Double garage doors also have some standard and common dimensions, including:

  • 7ft tall, 14ft wide (2.13m x 4.26m)
  • 7ft tall, 16ft wide (2.13m x 4.87m)

These sizes allow for vehicles to easily fit inside, potentially larger vehicles or even two smaller ones.

How garage door types impact sizes:

  • Roller garage door sizes – Roller garage door sizes don’t always conform to the above dimensions, as they can be made to measure. We’ll still want to take accurate measurements, but you may choose to have a door that is fitted internally, allowing it to go beyond the width of the actual opening at either side.
  • Sectional garage door sizes – There are plenty of manufacturers who provide sectional garage doors in standard sizes, but they typically start at 7ft in width.
  • Side-hinged garage door sizes – Side-hinged garage door sizes need to take into account any fixing subframe. You should also bear in mind that these doors will open outwards when thinking about the space and purpose of your garage.
  • Up and over garage door sizes – Up and over garage doors come in the standard sizes for both single and double doors. However, as with side-hinged doors, you may need to factor in the subframe for the precise fit.

2 garage doors in black and side by side

What can affect the size of your garage door?

Numerous things can affect the size of your garage door, which is why it’s always a good idea to choose a trusted, professional garage door supplier and installer. Here are just a few factors that we find will influence what size garage door you require:

  • Building regulations
  • The style of door you’d prefer (see our previous section above)
  • Whether you want to park a car inside the garage
  • Whether you have a bespoke garage space
  • Frame and lintel options


How to choose the right door for your garage

When it comes to sizes, here at Garage Door People, we’re always able to give you an accurate, professional measuring service. We want your garage door to fit perfectly, so we’ll take the time to visit your property and get the measurements, factoring in the style of door you’d like if you need our help. It’s this personal, dedicated touch that has made us so popular in Lincolnshire

With happy customers in Spalding, Horncastle, Boston, Skegness, Lincoln and Grimsby, you can also benefit from our years of experience when it comes to choosing the right size door for your garage. Call us today and make us your local garage door company of choice to find out why our warm and friendly team comes so highly rated.

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