Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are the ideal solution for homes where space on the driveway is at a premium or where the entrance into the garage is narrow.

Roller Garage Doors

What are Roller Garage Doors? Well if you think about a roller blind that you may have up at your kitchen or bathroom window, then you will get some idea of how a Roller Garage Door operates.  It is essentially a large roller blind made for your Garage, obviously a lot more robust with the added benefit of being able to keep your possessions safe and your car dry within your garage.

There are lots of different manufacturers of these types of Garage Door and over recent years safety standards have come a long way and offer the benefits of some great optional features.  But remember not all Roller Doors are made equal, so it is important you select not only the right Door for your needs but also the right supplier to make sure you get the best possible quality for your budget.

I would like one, but I am not sure if a Roller Shutter Garage Door will work on my Garage

Not all doors will work in every garage, there are a lot of elements to consider when installing a new door, such as head room, angles of internal walls, and how good the fitting structure is.  The main concern when fitting any new Roller Garage Door is that when the door is open there is enough opening height to allow both foot access and vehicle access, and of course whether or not the door will achieve the primary goal and is suitable for your Garage and fits and operates as it should do.

Where and how these doors are fitted could result in you gaining an extra six inches of opening width and four to six inches of opening height – a great space saving idea. This is providing other elements within the garage allow for this.  The best thing when considering a Roller Shutter Garage Door is to have someone come and visit and give you clear advise on what door will be suitable.  Most reputable companies will offer a free no obligation quote and leave you with clear honest advice and fixed pricing (no one likes a nasty surprise halfway through an installation).

Do they come with different options?

There are always options with any Garage Door you order, but with a Roller Shutter Garage Door you are a little more limited on choice.  Colour, as with any Garage Doors, is easy, you can have any colour that you so wish.  These range from wood effect to standard white, to metallic colours or even the colour of your favourite coat.  Other than that, there are a few other options you can choose from for your roller doors.  You can have small window slats installed or even vented slats to allow air flow through your garage.  You can also choose to have additional safety options installed.  Our friendly competent engineers can talk you through all options even made to measure ones.

Are the Roller Garage Doors Automated?

Yes, all our Roller Shutter Garage Doors are automated, but depending on your budget you have a couple of options to choose from:

Option 1 – Optical Safety Edge

This is the fully automated version of our roller doors and will allow for both automatic open and close at the touch of a button on your remote control.  Should anything come into contact with the roller door on its journey to the closed position it will automatically stop and raise itself: this prevents damage or harm to anyone or anything that could have otherwise been trapped.

Option 2 – No safety edge

This is the most cost effective way of getting a Roller Shutter Garage Door fitted on your Garage.  Your new Garage Door will still open fully on its own with a touch of a button, but because these are installed without a safety edge they will not come down on their own without you pressing and holding onto the button (hold to run).  This is to prevent anyone or anything getting trapped as you would remain in full control of the operation until the roller door is fully closed.  If the closing function was fully automated without a safety edge fitted, there could be a risk of crushing should you or a loved one or even a pet fall in its path whilst it is closing.

What if we have a power cut, can I still get into my Garage?

By law you must have means of emergency escape from within your garage and likewise if something were to go wrong you need a way of gaining entry to your garage.  In some properties the fuse board to all the household’s electrics are situated in the garage so it is always important to be able to gain access.

For garages that have an external side or rear door to the garage as well as the main opening garage door itself, it is quite easy. An internal manual override will be installed as standard when fitting your roller door. This will allow you to wind the mechanism of the door to fully open and close the Roller Shutter Garage Door.

For garages that only have the main opening door as means of entry, an external manual override will be installed.  This device attaches to the internal mechanism from outside of the garage and access can be gained by use of a security lock and will then work the same way as the internal mechanism allowing you to wind the door into the open and closed position.

Are Roller Shutter Garage Doors Safe?

Yes, Roller Shutter Garage Doors are very safe. These garage doors have been rigorously tested to meet all current safety standards and government guidelines, for security and for wind resistance.  As you can appreciate the wind can be quite strong in some areas and if the doors are not up to standard it could cause some considerable damage for the home owner should one collapse under wind resistance.  Our garage doors are also insulated as standard, this helps keep the warmth in the garage, but also adds strengthen to our door panels, so they are more difficult to damage. This also helps provide additional wind resistance.

Each insulated Roller Garage Door also comes installed with a safety break as standard, so should the motor fail completely the break would sense the sudden quick movement of the door panel. And in much the same way as a car seat belt works, would halt the door in the garage opening and stop it from crashing down to the floor.

To find out more or to see if a Roller Garage Door could be your next purchase, give our friendly professional team a call.  With No Call out fees and a Free No Obligation Quotation, you really have got nothing to lose.

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