Why Is My Garage Door Clicking?

Posted: April 23, 2024

Why Is My Garage Door Clicking?

A good garage door should move smoothly and be relatively soundless when opening and closing. The odd squeak here and there can be easily addressed but what about a consistent clicking sound? 

This month at Garage Door People, we’re going to investigate why garage doors click and what it could mean for your door if it’s constantly happening. As always, we’ll offer our professional advice, but if you want to get specific input on your garage door, you can always give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat.

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Why does my garage door keep clicking?

Depending on the manufacturer, the size and the age of your garage door, there could be many reasons your garage door is making a clicking noise. Whether it’s clicking during opening, closing or both, you might find the answer you’re looking for in the following suggestions:

Issues with the garage door openerIs the clicking sound coming from the door itself or the garage door opener inside the garage? Fitted above the garage space for automatic garage doors, if you hear this machinery clicking it could be because you’ve got the door itself locked.

How to fix it: If you’ve got the door locked, it should be a simple case of ensuring the door is unlocked before using the automatic opening feature. If you’re still unsure why the opener is clicking and you’re certain the locking feature isn’t on, call a professional garage door repair team.

Misaligned tracks – Where your garage door should smoothly glide along tracks, any misalignment could cause a rubbing or clicking noise. This can be due to accidental damage or just wear and tear.

How to fix it: Ideally, you’ll be able to see where the misalignment is at least, and it might be a case of just tightening any loose bolts to straighten the tracks. If, however, it’s down to damage, it’s better to call a professional to come and set things right to avoid making things worse through tinkering.

Worn rollers – Rollers are small but robust wheels that help the door to move within the tracks. If these are worn due to constant friction then the uneven nature of them can cause a clicking sound.

How to fix it: While keeping the rollers lubricated in the first place can help reduce the risk of this issue, it’s usually a case of replacing the rollers, which is likely to require the assistance of a professional garage door technician who has the right tools and spare parts.

Damaged springs – The long spring coils that are part of so many garage doors should help to make your door simple to open and close. However, once they become damaged or worn, there is a risk that they’ll start to click a little under pressure.

How to fix it: Unfortunately, you’ll probably need to replace the springs on your garage door. This can be tricky to do and potentially dangerous given the tension involved, so always consult a professional if you think this is the cause of the clicking.

The safety sensors are blocked – If you’ve got safety sensors in place to help your automatic garage door, any obstruction could interrupt the system, leading to a clicking or stop-start motion. This clicking sound, which feels like an issue, is actually just the normal function of this feature.

How to fix it: This one should be relatively simple to fix, since you only need to move whatever is blocking the sensors. Alternatively, they might also need a quick wipe if they’ve become caked in dirt or dust and you can’t see any other obstruction.

The logic board is damaged – Getting a little more technical now, but a fault in the logic board – which processes the signals on an automatic garage door – could lead to your door not functioning and a clicking noise due to fired components or even static electricity.

How to fix it: Very few people will have the skills and tools to fix a garage door logic board, so avoid any costly mistakes by involving the professionals if you think this is the cause.

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