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Garage Door Repairs


If you are having problems with your Garage Door, it is easy to get worried about the costs involved in getting it replaced, not to mention the time you are having to spend without a Garage Door. However, there is usually no need to worry as most Garage Doors can be repaired, and garage door repairs are usually more cost effective than having a new garage door.

What if I need an Automatic Garage Door Repair?

Again, no need to worry, these can be repaired too. We carry a wide range of spares on our vans to be able to repair most Garage Doors on site on the first visit. We carry spares for all the big names in Garage Doors as well as some of the lesser known ones, these include but not limited too; Garador, Hormann, Henderson, Cardale, Wessex, Merlin and many more besides. We have years of experience installing and repairing garage doors so why not contact us today for a free survey and quote?

But my Garage Door is over 50 years old?

Don’t worry about the age of your door, even at that age we can still get parts to repair those Garage Doors, it may mean replacing a mechanism for a more modern one, but usually it’s no problem.

There are however a few garage doors we cannot repair, because of its age some Garage Doors were discontinued and therefore the parts are no longer readily available. Under these circumstances we shall offer you a choice of the different options that are available to you. If we can’t repair your Garage Door the same day, we will always leave your door in a safe position, so that your family and pets are safe and away from harm. Its no more than you would expect from a professional garage door company.

So what parts are you able to repair?

Glad you asked, most parts on a Garage Door can be replaced, so things like snapped cables or broken springs, bent or broken link arms and worn spindles and rollers, even the garage doors lock and handle can be replaced. Whilst some companies may endeavour to do what we term as a “quick fix” for their garage door repairs, we do not. The Garage Door repair must always remain safe to operate, and whilst a “quick fix” will temporarily solve a problem with garage doors, it often leads to bigger issues later down the line. Your safety and that of others must be the primary focus when any repairs are carried out.

What parts of a garage door don’t you repair?

As we alluded to earlier there are several things we do not repair, like the old clockwork spring on one of the Cardale Canopy Garage Doors. These mechanisms are old and there is a huge amount of tension in these springs, so much so that if an engineer slipped whilst repairing one it could result in some very nasty injuries. We can however convert the door using a mechanism from a different make of door. It is common practice across the industry to do this, and the other alternative would be a new Garage Door.

Some of the old scissor lift mechanisms we cannot repair either, typically because of wear or excessive play in the mechanism. All of our work starts with free call out and we will leave you with a free no obligation quote then if you are happy to proceed we can usually do the work the same day, although on occasion we may need to order parts, we can only carry so much on the vans.

I have wooden Garage Doors, do you repair those?

Unfortunately, no we do not do wooden garage door repairs, usually because at the point of the door needing a repair the timbers are usually rotten from years of use or lack of care. However, we can come and measure and look to install new side hinged garage doors, which are a metal version of what you currently have.

Now to contradict ourselves slightly, there are some metal framed timber clad garage doors on the market that we can repair, these would typically be up and over doors. Since the mechanisms on these Garage Doors are no different to traditional up and over garage doors, we can help. If you are unsure you can always contact us, and our friendly team will be able to advise and assist on any garage door repairs needed.

My Garage Door is stuck half open?

We appreciate that some garage door repairs are urgent, and so wherever possible we will try to get you the same day, even if it is just to secure your garage door until we can get to do the garage door repair. Let us know when you contact us that door is in an unsafe or in an unsecure position and we will do our very best to get to you that day. If for whatever reason we can’t, we will advise the best course of action and get to you the very next morning.

So, in short, if you’re having problems with your Garage Door and you’re not sure what to do, give us a call. We are always on hand to give you free advice and let you know whether your garage door can be repaired or needs to be replaced. All maintenance work and garage door repairs are carried out quickly, safely and with a minimum of disruption by our highly professional engineers.

If you do need new garage doors then we can provide you with a no obligation quotation for your garage door installation. As a top garage door company, we work with the leading garage door manufacturers to provide you with the garage door that’s right for you. Get in touch if you need more information.

Years of Experience

At Garage Door People, we have many years experience of garage door repairs and can ensure you get the best branded names in garage doors, accessories, remote controlled openers and spare garage door parts at the best prices. Our focus is on getting you back up and running again with our comprehensive garage door repair service.

From cones and garage door cables to spindles and roller shutters; from electric motors to a faulty garage door opener; we can help with all types of garage door repairs. When repairing garage doors, we will leave you with a fully working Garage Door in no time.

Fully Guaranteed Service

Needless to say, we offer speedy garage door repairs across the Mablethorpe and Lincolnshire area. All our garage door repairs are fully guaranteed for a minimum of 1 Year to give you peace of mind, so why not call us, or send us a message from our contact page and we will do whatever we can to help you.


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